It’s getting real!

We had a final meeting today to discuss what/how/where we will be teaching once we land. Thank goodness for the two teams ahead of us who did a lot of the grunt work. We have a huge jump drive full of tons of policies and procedures as well as documents that will help us in the education. We also packed up a large suitcase of pretty much one of each item of supplies the unit stocks to bring over as we have heard the first hospital we are going to hasn’t gotten any supplies in yet. We will for sure be over the weight limit from the books and papers alone! Our team has quite the assortment of “personal belongings” including a Keurig machine, a large jar of Nutella, Tae Bo workout DVDs, and the complete seasons of Downton Abbey. Can you guess who is bringing what??? The first person to match up the correct answers to the person gets a gift from Saudi! (Your choices are Amber, Andrea, Jen, and Sandy)

Our flight leaves at 4pm on Thursday if you could keep us in your prayers for safe (and quick) travel!

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10 Responses to It’s getting real!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I still can’t believe someone is packing a Keurig! lol 🙂

  2. Kathy Lemke says:

    Ok, I’ll accept the challenge. Amber=Keurig. Andrea=Nutella. Jen=Downtown Abbey. Sandy=Tae Bo. Maybe not fair tho cause I’ve heard about a couple things but 2 are a guess. What’s Dr B bringing? If you can, bring me back some AliCafe 3in1 coffee. I’ll pay for it when you get home. I love that stuff and used the last of mine yesterday at work. I just talked to Chacha at KSMC on Facebook and they are looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Good luck. P.S. they have nutella over there. Kathy

  3. Kim says:

    Ladies…they have Nutella in Saudi!!!!! Big jars of it!!! Get it at the Hyper Panda!!!

  4. Laura Hilker says:

    I’m going to say Downton Abbey= Jen, Nutella= Andrea, Tae Bo= Amber, and Keurig= Sandy. Safe travels to you, ladies!

  5. Katie Volk says:

    I can’t believe someone is bringing a Keurig. That makes me giggle

  6. Kathy Lemke says:

    Just talked to Anna on FB at KSMC and they are all excited for you to get there. To their knowledge, no new supplies have arrived yet and they are worried. They really want to learn more and do a good job with their babies.
    Lynn, the house has TP. Otherwise, they have to have kleenex. The potty in Dr. Latifa’s office had a kleenex box.
    Katie, I hope she brought an electrical adapter! Even then it may not work. Their electric over there is funky.

  7. Karen Marrandino says:

    You guys make me laugh! Downtime Abbey in Saudi- what a contradiction in culture/ style ! Prayers for a safe & adventure filled trip!

  8. Erin Riley says:

    Love what you guys brought!! I agree with Laura on who is bringing what so I guess if she is right I won’t get anything. 🙂

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