Day Two: King Saud Medical City

Well, it’s the second day here in Riyadh, and we are already feeling like it is the tenth.  Maybe it has something to do with jumping off the plane one night and hitting the ground running several hours later.

We started the day in the attempts of attending a lecture regarding ECMO.  However, there was a bit of a computer glitch and we quickly moved on back towards the NICU. It was interesting to see how divided the lecture hall was, at first none of us thought anything of it, however, when Dave attempted to sit with us, he was directed to the other side of the room.  It was then that we looked around and realized that one side was women, and the other was men.

Following this, we sat in on the NICU’s morning rounds.  The specialists discuss their new admissions from the previous day in a small classroom like atmosphere.  These specialists are pediatricians who admit and treat the patients.  They call it sitting in the “hot seat” when they review their cases with the rest of the group.  During the review the consultants, neonatologists, other physicians and residents have the opportunity to ask questions.  Following the review of these cases, the physicians go on their rounds in the unit.

At this point we all go our separate directions to work on our different tasks and projects. From NRP, Mega Code/Crash Carts, Temperature monitoring and Infection efforts.  Each of us spent time in the NICU with staff, and then it seems as we all ended up in different meetings throughout the day.  Everyone at King Saud is excited for us to be here and to begin creating new policies and procedures with the little time we have remaining.  It feels like we have so much to do in just the remaining 8 days here, but it’s exciting to be apart of an opportunity such as this with the hope of making even just a little bit of a difference.

We are hopeful that everything we are teaching and trying to implement leave this NICU in a better place to care for these babies.  And as Dave mentioned, it truly makes us thankful of all the experience, technology, and resources we have back at home.

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3 Responses to Day Two: King Saud Medical City

  1. Sandy Peterson says:

    Keep up the hard work what a blessing you are to the babies-you offer hope!

  2. Kathy Lemke says:

    There is so much to do in just one hospital! It is such a shame to have to leave and go to the next place. I will be interested to hear if the next place is as backward. Keep up the good work! Think of you all often!

  3. Dody Barr says:

    Team mmmm USA??? Wonderful to hear about your interesting experiences. Your friends back in NICU continue to follow your blogs. The experience I can only imagine will not only forever stay with all of you but with the Saudi staff you are working with. Kudo’s to each and everyone there and continue to keep us updated on your blog. Most importantly… Stay safe and… stay on the right side of the lecture.. yikes!

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