Day in Hell

This has been a difficult day.  I think that our leader is disappointed that we have not changed the practice that is occurring here. We arrive each day with a positive spirit which is rapidly destroyed. There have been three deaths in two days, neither of which we can figure out. Today the group went to the first talk of a conference set up by Dr. Heider who is a young neonatologist. We thought we were going to have a good day, but soon after I was called back to the unit as the third child was coding. We were thankful they called but I wasn’t sure that we could pull it off since the baby was 790 gms. When we left, the infant was in 45% and stable but the team didn’t think we should leave! We would just like to do the work but realize that we need to teach. The biggest thing we need to teach the docs is to not jerk out the ET because the infant has a desat. We will persist but there are some very basic things to do. We miss you more everday.

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