More of the same…

Today started off just as similar as the previous days.  We had a little education in the morning, this time focused on hand hygiene and infection prevention tips…  Then we worked on actually getting gloves, and cleaning wipes for more than just one person in the unit…  Seemed to be going so smoothly, we even attended a part of a lactation conference in the morning.

After this, we all went our separate ways for the morning.  Playing with an 18th month old “NICU” baby was definitely the highlight of the day, because after this, it was anything but good.

While rounding through the rooms educating the nurses on hand hygiene basics, I happened upon something that I pray I never see or experience again.  Another extubation/re-intubation attempt gone wrong.  Let’s just say, ended up performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  Takeaway:  A – A Resuscitation Bag doesn’t work if it’s hooked up to suction instead of oxygen, B – Masks need to fit, C – Bags should actually be functional, D – Let’s be sure to have all of the above in place before you extubate a ventilator dependent baby.  Nearly 30 minutes later baby was re-intubated.  We left the day with this baby apparently “stable” on the conventional vent.

Now, the fun part begins… Oh wait, not quite.  Amber, Andrea, Sandy and I all pile into the car that has been driving us the past several days…  But, we were directed out into the sun and heat in our long sleeve scubs… And we waited by an empty van, for an hour…  Another driver came along and we got into this car, but we once again were directed out of the car and we waited another half hour or so.  We finally got our original driver back, and we were on our way…  Time to celebrate Sandy’s Birthday with a nice Pain d’Or dinner and another couple of episodes of Downton Abbey.

Thankfully, we all have each other to debrief with every night, and laugh incessantly at the craziest and most bizarre things that seem to surround us daily.  Hoping for a better day tomorrow!


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One Response to More of the same…

  1. Heidi says:

    Wow! It sounds stressful and like you all have your work cut out for you and then some… Praying for you all.. for wisdom, strength, good communication/relationships with the workers there, and safety. Thanks for blogging so we can share your experiences.

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