Stuck between a rock and a hard place….or is that a transporter?

Today I had my 1st Saudi transport experience. I was forewarned by the RT that the set up was “a little unordinary”. I didn’t realize what he was talking about until we loaded the transporter into the ambulance and got it. Then he proceeded to pulled out a roll of ace bandage and began to loop it through the end of the slid and tied it to the hooks on the floor. He then informed me that the locking mechanism was not compatible with their units and this flimsy piece of cloth (along with us holding tight) was the only thing keeping it from slamming into the driver at sudden stops. Now for you who have had the pleasure to endure the lovely Saudi roadways know how dangerous they can be. Try having a 500lbs box of steel knocking you in the legs while traveling 160km+  Code 3 (lights and sirens) during lunch rush hour. By the time we reached King Fahad I was not only praying to our god but Saudi’s as well. Whom they refer to as Allah, which I learned from my RT co-hart who must of shared my fear of an ugly death by transporter.  I was happy to learn that sense of humor and sarcasm is not something that is lost in translation. As we left the outlying facility I decided to snap a few quick pictures, since Andrea did send me with her camera and all.  A police officer started running towards me yelling something I will never understand. So what do I do? Jump head first and hid in the ambulance as my buddy tried to explain to the cop in his local tongue that he must be mistaken because he was the only one in the rig. Finally he gave up and walked away muttering something about “crazy american”.

I could continue my saga but while I was out parading around town the rest of the gang was trying their best to hold down the fort- I think there will be multiple post tonight so I’ll keep mine short and sweet!!!


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4 Responses to Stuck between a rock and a hard place….or is that a transporter?

  1. Diane Farley says:

    We all knew you’d be the first one arrested.

  2. Heather Faucher says:

    Well at least there was only one patient in the ambulance instead of three….yes three! That’s an improvement.

  3. Ryan Sura says:

    Pretty sure that is the ICC transporter

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