We had a much better day yesterday! We had two codes, but no deaths. We also started educating the nurses and RTs on how to properly do in-line suctioning. For lunch the infection control department invited us to pizza and we had the most delicious ones! Shrimp and crab & BBQ chicken pizza. Best pizza we’ve ever had!

We also met a doctor from Pakistan who was interviewing to be a Neonatologist in the unit. The really neat thing is that there is a wide variety of ethnicities. I have met staff from Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Phillipines, India, and Ukraine. He showed us where the coffee shop was in the hospital and coffee was on him. Free coffee two days in a row! 😉

Last night we stayed in and had a smorgasbord of leftovers. Amber has become our chef and we love her cooking. We ended the evening with some more Downton Abbey. We were about to start a new disc and Sandy was so excited that she grabbed the case, ripped it open, and broke the DVD in half. We just laughed hysterically because this seems to be the story of our trip! (We think we will be able to write an entire book when we are finished) The next half hour was spent frantically trying to download it or stream it, but nothing seems to be working (Netflix won’t stream in this country and it said it would take 77 days for us to download from another site). So in the end we gave up and channel surfed. Brasel said he saw camel racing on t.v., but we couldn’t find it.

Today is our weekend and we are relishing our day off. Today we will get to do a little sightseeing as well as get some pedicures. Don’t know what Dave will do 🙂

sweet Aboudi makes our day better

Delicious pizza!

On the Ladies side of the coffee shop. Dave was on the other side.

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4 Responses to Broken

  1. Sandy Peterson says:

    Good thing you don’t have two Sandys. My brother Sandy’s husband calls us animals. Remember your first house and the things we did and the trouble we were in!!!!!

  2. Erin says:

    OMG a broken Downton. How are you guys going to make it through the rest of the trip?? Do you need someone to send you one or does mail take to long?

    Glad you had a better day.

  3. Char H. says:

    I love reading your daily posts!! You guys are amazing. I do hope that you brought along some Dexter or Weeds to watch. Have a great weekend!.

  4. Karen M. says:

    Love your posts! All of your words paint quite a picture -sure makes me appreciate what we have here at home. Miss you all- be safe!

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