There have been a couple of words that we have learned over this past week and have now begun using in our own conversations with one another.  Inshallah, meaning “god willing” something will happen…  Inshallah, we’ll get a car to the hospital tomorrow, inshallah the Mobily cards will work, inshallah the food will come before prayer time, etc…  The other word we’ve rapidly picked up: halas.  Halas, meaning done, it’s over, finished.

So, being that today was our Sunday, we all got to sleep in once more.  Awoke to the girls typing away in main living room trying to make the final travel arrangements to Dubai for the upcoming weekend, inshallah…  Half the group has it booked, and then the travel agency’s system shut down, inshallah it would be up and running again before the end of the day…

Tiring of this; Amber, Andrea and I headed outside for some sun.  Our compound is roughly the length of one street block, so we walked from one barbed wire fence to the other, (there isn’t much to see on either side) but we still wanted to sit in the sun…  We found a patch of sun on the patio, played some beach waves and dreamt of an ocean breeze and some Mai Tais to accompany us…  Pushpa, the caretaker of the development happened upon us, brought us over to the mens’ house and gave us a tour…  Surprisingly, we had no idea that we could use the house for their gym, pool table, etc…  And then we hit the jackpot… Exercise mats to bring outside and continue our beach fantasy!  By this time we dragged Dave out of his room and onto the patio, while “sunning” we met the neighbor’s; two ladies from Houston working on creating Mobile Mammography centers for the outskirts of Riyadh.  (They also are working with the Ministry of Health.)  It was great to hear their stories, not surprisingly, theirs as well are sprinkled with inshallah we’ll have the supplies in a year, inshallah, etc… Inshallah we’ve made some new friends and will have them over for dinner this week.

Halas, we didn’t have “beach “time all day, just an hour…  We were able to manage fit a little work in as well.  We got our schedule planned  for the week, or roughly speaking as inshallah things will likely arise we haven’t planned for, but halas, it’s our last week and we are hoping that it goes as smoothly as possible.

By four o’clock our car was here to take us to the mall and dinner.  Dinner was a tasty Italian meal and here there happened to be a travel agent, who we had hoped, inshallah, would be able to complete the final tickets…  However, not the case…  He did give us the name of someone that could.  Inshallah, the directions were given to our driver and he drove us to the place…  In the meantime, we were all laughing in the back over the whole situation, inshallah we get tickets for the final group, inshallah he’ll drive us to Dubai… The driver didn’t miss a beat and when Randi, the project manager asked if he knew where he was going, he said, “Yes to Dubai,” we all roared with laughter.  Halas, the remainder of the group got their tickets and we were finally on our way home.  Hasam, is our driver and he surprised us all with little gifts once we got home…  Such a thoughtful man, hopefully one of these nights he’ll accept our invitations to accompany us to dinner…

Inshallah, our morning driver will be here at 0730 to take the whole Children’s team to KSMC; and halas, we’ll leave you with a few pictures from our car ride tonight…

Darling Three Year Old boy, who was fascinated with us…  They let us take their picture 🙂

Amber missing yet another Skype date with her daughter... Inshallah it will happen soon!David and Amber in the back seat…  😦 Amber missing out on yet another Skype date with her family, inshallah it will happen soon!Sandy and Andrea

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4 Responses to Inshallah

  1. Alana says:

    You are all amazing, so resilant you all are. Dubai… sounds like a great time..Is it a long distance away. Are you flying there? I want to hear more about the pool!! You have all done such a great job of painting a picture of your adventures. Love ADVENTURE.

  2. Hi Alana, It’s just under a two hour flight from Riyadh. There isn’t a pool, just a pool table 😉 Glad you are enjoying following along, soon you’ll be here and on your own adventure! ~ Jennifer

  3. aidoor says:

    Nice post Jen, just found this blog through Facebook. The word is actually “Khalas”, but Saudis pronounce it with the K silent. Mumbai street lingo uses Khalas as well, but with an emphasis on the K 🙂

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