Another day completed. It did take some time for the driver this morning but we were able to get to King Saud for rounds. We were not disappointed with avoiding a “code” today. It is diddicult to not actively participate but we try to step back and let the locals deal with the issues. I actually saw a nurse give PPV with respiratory today and she did a nice job-only thing was that the event was precipitated by some quite vigorous pulmonary toilet. generally don’t get to lunch and work right through. Jennifer spent the day on infections while Andrea, Amber, and Sandy worked with the nursing staff on PPV and in-line suctioning.  We obviously don’t need to schedule code practice! The ladies bought dinner at the wooden bakery while I worked on my Grand Rounds for tomorrow. Randi has arranged to meet the health minister tomorrow but since I am giving a talk, I will miss the event (I may be in trouble).  Hopefully, we will feel like we have accomplished something at the end of this two weeks inshallah!

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