Everything is bigger in ….. Saudi

Another bright and early day in Saudi-land and for once we left on time (Randi’s driver may have been a different story). We were all excited to her Dr. B’s lecture in grand rounds but sadly we had to miss it, altho he informed us he would give a private talk between episodes of Downton Abbey.

Instead of spending the morning at KSMC we headed to the Ministry to meet with the “big man” who wanted to discuss our progress. All and all he was satisfied but was just as frustrated with the supply issue as we were.  We are hoping he can get the ball rolling!

As the others headed back to the hospital, Andrea and I went home to “rest” for our upcoming night shift. We decided that a little shopping excursion was worth the exhaustion we may be feeling tonight. Back to the compound to pick up Pushpa and off to the Lulu hypermarket we went. This market was a best buy, herbergers, and staples all in one.  Those who say everything is larger in texas has obviously never been to Saudi. We could of spent all day there but my checking account (and husband) would not be happy. I found a few essentials and gifts for those back home. We did Dr. B’s shopping  in exchange for pictures of his grandchildren in their saudi garb!

As nice as it was to have a few free hours we kind of missed the nicu crew and are looking forward too tonight. Lets see if they are as crazy as we are back home after the sun goes down!!!

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