First week completed

We have finished the first week of our Saudi adventure.  It has been an interesting and educational week.  Sam and I arrived in the late afternoon on Friday.  We were warmly welcomed by the April team and spent a fun evening eating authentic food.  The team oriented us to the hospital and compound prior to their departure…we are fortunate to have Dr. Aaron staying here 2 more weeks.  It is nice to have a veteran to show us the ropes.

The first day Sam and I met with staff to get input on their educational needs.  It was wonderful to see they have policy and procedures very simialar to ours.  The main difference between our units is their equipment and supplies.  Most of the staff would be able to work in our unit with a little orientation.  In our conversations, the staff was very interested in learning what we do differently at home.  We have had a good start to our education with several lectures and one-on-one instructions.

Yesterday Sabina arrived from Arizonia, today she her first day with orientation to the unit.  We are beginning to put together our education plan for the remainder of our stay.

We are looking forward to the week end….catching up on some rest and seeing some of the local culture.

Until next time..

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One Response to First week completed

  1. Kathy Lemke says:

    Have a good time! Tell Sabina “HI” from Tami’s Saudi friend Kathy! Hope you enjoy your stay and don’t get too stressed!

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