About the April team

Here’s just a little peek at what we are working on.

Dr. Brasel: Rounds with the physicians (they round twice) and provides his expertise in sign-outs in the morning.

Amber: Working with the RTs to be responsible for the respiratory side of patient care. There are only 3 covering all three shifts and they aren’t accountable for a lot. Teaching everything from the significance of ventilation settings to correct inline suctioning.

Andrea: Working with a Specialist (Pediatrician that works under the Neonatologist) to organize and train a team that will attend all high-risk deliveries and codes. Developing and improving neonatal crash carts with neonatal resuscitation supplies in all perinatal areas.

Sandy: Teaching mini-lessons at the beginning of each shift with focus on temperature and isolette settings. Organizing NRP that will be taught the second week that we are here.

Jen: The expert in infection control, she is collaborating with a neonatologist and infection control nurse to combat the rampant infections in the NICU. They have a 10% infection rate in all their patients (ours is around 2% but we also have a much larger number of patients)


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