First Day at King Saud Medical City

A very interesting experience. We watched a  25 weeker being admitted and it was all we could do to not try to take over! They take care of the same types of patients but need some direction. We tried to subtly suggest that they close the door to the isolette when the temp was low and alarming. We will have a lot to offer but need to be diplomatic. We had some delays getting our driver today-only one hour late. The sun has been behind a sand cloud today as the wind picked up during the night and the sand is in our eyes, and nostrils but most distressing is gritty teeth. We will just appreciate all of you so much more when we come back-don’t let it go to your heads though as it won’t last long.

DR. David

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2 Responses to First Day at King Saud Medical City

  1. Kathy Lemke says:

    Sometimes you just have to TELL them and really get in their face. ESP you Dave!

  2. Kim Sorenson says:

    Yes, Kathy! From our experience there, you MUST intervene. At first, you feel like you are intruding and not being polite, but largely that is what you need to do to get things done. Then afterward, explain why you did what you did at that time. Largely, they appreciate the effort and the explanation. 🙂

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